Monday, October 24, 2011

This weekend was a blast.  I don't think we could have fit in more fun if we tried.  These are some of my favorite things about the weekend:

~riding our bikes to watch the sunset
~Clearwater beach and the beautiful white sand
~painting our faces (terrible/hysterical) and joining in on the Day of the Dead parade
~great restaurants
~going to dive bars
~running into Leigh-Ann and here adorable family
~going to buy flip flops and coming home with a hermit crab in a plastic bag.  they were out of boxes.  so strange.
~playing SingStar late at night
~making breakfast together
~Jeep rides in perfect weather (oh, how I miss that Jeep)

It was a really amazing weekend.  Only downfall being Bob oversleeping and missing his football picks on Sunday and losing his wallet.  Yikes.  No bueno.  

crappy iphone photo

on a side note

It made me laugh while I was doing that 4 hour drive over there about a childhood friend I had.  You know when you are little and a friend moves away it's pretty much the end of your friendship.  You can't drive yourself and your parents are probably not going to drive far so you can hangout.  When I was in middle school one of my best friends in the neighborhood moved to Clearwater.  Say ciao to that relationship.  She might as well have moved to Africa when it came to location.  There wasn't email yet and you had to pay for long distance calls.  I think I saw my pen pal that lived in Sweden more then I ever saw her again.  But it really is a boring drive across the state, so I can kind of understand why my parents settled on giving me a 10 minute call a week to her.  It's like she was in jail.  A 10 minute call and no visitation.  

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