Sunday, July 22, 2012

3S Artspace

Here is the deal....if you live in Portsmouth or any surrounding area you need to get involved.  If you don't live in the area and want to support by donating money you can do that too.  This place is going to be beyond awesome.  Art, live music, farm-to-table restaurant.  I was lucky enough to do my part from afar when they were starting out and today I got to tour the building.  I can't wait until I can see the finished project.  I also got to see John who not only has been my friend forever, but he is also the Co-Founder of this incredible project.  Good stuff.  Check it out for yourself 3S Artspace.

mural on the front of the building.

I love love love this project.

John and his before I die...become a hipster and write clever things on a public art project.  Success!

Friday, July 20, 2012

This is not a brag journal.

Hi guys!  It's crazy to think I've only been in New Hampshire for 2 weeks because it feels like it's been much longer.  Not because I'm not having fun, it just seems like it's been longer.  I am enjoying the slower pace.  I miss home and many things about the comforts of being home and at the same time I see the value in slowing down.  How often in the hustle and bustle of our lives do you have NOTHING to do?  I know it is pretty much never for me.  I love that I have a very full social life at home and I come up here and I have days off and I'm alone with zero plans.  I like that too.

no complaints here.

I've been staying in Portsmouth for the last couple days while I had off.  The hotel I was staying at was booked tonight, so I had to find somewhere else to stay.  I got to my new hotel and the door to my room wasn't shut all of the way so it wasn't locked.  I came in and looked around for murderers (not too many places to look because it's tiny) and under the bed.  Then I realized the window was unlocked and I'm on the ground floor.  This place gets 4 stars in the creepy category.  My parents are coming in exactly a week and in two weeks I'll be home for a visit.  *high fives all around

I'm going to checkout John's new project 3S Artspace.  They are doing some very cool stuff and I'm excited to finally see it in person.  

I love you all and miss you.