Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Mancave

This weekend we celebrated Anthony's (Anferny if you will and I think you will) 30th birthday.  Friday we went to my sister and Anthony's house for a small get together.  Good friends, good times.

The seester, the birthday boy, puppy snuggles, Noel winning lcr, and a very funny attempt at reenacting our 8th grade dance picture.  Lori never thinks a picture of us is right unless we are in the same order as our 8th grade dance picture.  I love her for this.  My sentimental boogs.

Day 2 of milking the birthday.  I kid.  I am completely guilty of having a birthday weekend.

Saturday night Anthony wanted to go skate at The Mancave for his birthday.  I hadn't been there and was excited to see what all the talk was about.  I was blown away.  I knew Yonkers, Cory, Andrew and a few others had gotten a warehouse that they hung out and skated in.  I had no idea how HUGE it was.  I love when people follow through with their ideas and I'm so excited for them.
This was the old warehouse.  IN A MAGAZINE!  I'm a proud mama.  

I wanted to get better pictures, but also wanted to stay out of their way.  Next time they won't be so lucky.

the sister and the birthday boy.


Happy 30 years Anferny!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Park City

I was waiting because I had planned on making a video with all of my pictures from this trip.  Guess what?  That didn't happened.  Now the whole thing feels so long ago.  We've only been back a week, but it still feels like "shit or get off the pot" with posting about Utah.  Here it is.  Lots of pictures and two videos.  I realized that when I'm excited and laughing I cackle.  It's bad.  The Rapids video first proved it and now this tubing video.  I almost didn't post it because it's so bad.  Whatever.  I need to embrace the cackle.

some of us were more excited then others.

we arrived to very little snow.  we made it work.
when life gives you little snow, you make little snowmen.

brotherly love.

we attended what we thought was a "not so fancy" new years dinner at the resort.  guess what?  it was a black and white gala.  we were wearing jeans.  it was easily the most tacky "wedding reception" i've ever seen.  i love a good 80's theme party, but they really outdid themselves.

they even had a kids ice luge.  nothing says party like an ice luge.

the little guy did two days of ski school.

we spent the rest of the week exploring the city.  and bowling.   we went two days in a row.  that's how we roll.  pun intended.

fun in the snow

we got to the tubing place early and we had an hour to pass before they opened so decided to have lunch.  in.a.grocery.store.  
this was a first for me, but hopefully not the last.  bonus.  the grocery had a starbucks in it.  boo-ya!

me and my sidekicks

my other sidekick and her hot chocolate

goodbye park city