Sunday, October 16, 2011

great friends = great fun

This weekend has been packed with good times.  Friday night was Tanner's first t-ball game, which was hysterical and then the food truck festival downtown Delray.  I didn't take any pictures there so close your eyes and imagine this.  Eating a super yummy veggie dog on blankets with live music, a group of great girlfriends and a lot of laughing.  AND a super yummy peanut butter and jelly popsicle.  Only 3 ingredients.  Peanut butter, organic jelly and rice milk.  I am going to make my own version with soy nut butter, organic jelly and almond milk.  I'll keep you posted on how they are.  

Saturday Raena came over bright and early and we met up with Gannine and went to The Rapids.  I had scored 3 free passes from Jack and it was the last weekend it was open for the season.  I love water parks.  I know a lot of people don't.  The whole "it's a disgusting pee-filled-bandaid floating-cesspool of germs" thing.  Whatever.  I think water parks are a blast.  It runs in the family.  My parents love them too.

this slide was amazing.

it was REALLY hard to take a video when you NEED to hold on to the raft so you don't fall out and die.  You get the idea though.  Lots of laughing.

Then after The Rapids we showered and Raena's friend Jason came to meet up with us to go to Oktoberfest.  We stopped at Tacos al Carbon (mmmmmmmmmm) for dinner because I don't think there are vegetarians in Germany.  After a yummy dinner we stopped to get free tickets from Aaron & Kathy.  Score!  Seriously, a whole day of free tickets.  I have some seriously great friends.  Then we were off to a super crowded Oktoberfest.  

Can you feel the excitement?

double fisting?  just tricking.  these are not both hers.

Lorabelle & Weana

my Arielle

Corey & Leebee

Tricky Nicky

German babes

spellcheck much?

I did NOT ride this.

Afterwards we met up with some more friends at Igots.

Today after having breakfast at Dune Deck on the beach I rested.  I have been fighting a head cold and needed a day to rest.  My nose is running when I'm up, stuffy when I lay down and my ears are clogged.  Lame.

Next weekend I am going to see Bob in Clearwater.  There is a Day of the Dead festival in downtown Dunedin.  I can't wait!


  1. oh man. that video is HILARIOUS. my favorite part is when the camera is pointed at the raft and you just have to listen and experience it. hahahahaha luuuuuuuhhhhh yooooooou!

    love you long time.