Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Hampshire

The Fall weather has been refreshing.  We were a little early for the leaves, but the cool weather more then made up for it.  I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow night.  I can't wait to ride my bike, get my pumpkins, see my family, hangout with my friends, drink good coffee, play records while cooking, go to the gym with Erin and laugh the whole time, Oktoberfest next weekend, food trucks in Delray on Friday,  the Rapids with Raena on Saturday, going to the beach, and getting crafty....Can you tell I love home?  I really, really do.  I feel ready to move forward.  I will still miss my sidekick and I'm sure I will have moments where I still burst into tears, but I will be okay.  That's the only option.

Also, I bought (and finished) Ellen's new book yesterday.  It was so funny.  I love her.  Do yourself a favor and buy it.  You will laugh a lot.

Here are a few snippets from the weekend.  Did I mention the weather was amazing?  I packed a different scarf for everyday.  <3

i'm on a boat.  if you're not singing t-pain right now then i'm not sure why we are friends.  seriously.  google it.

we went on a hayride and that jerk tried to eat my purse.  

flying kites.  sweet stuff.

I can't wait to see you all.  xoxo



    as i drove from ft. pierce to ft. lauderdale on saturday, i actually saw the waterslides at The Rapids from 95 . . i never noticed that before!! you must've been on my mind.


  2. of course i was. i can't wait to scream-laugh down all those slides with you. woooo hooooo!!!