Monday, October 24, 2011

This weekend was a blast.  I don't think we could have fit in more fun if we tried.  These are some of my favorite things about the weekend:

~riding our bikes to watch the sunset
~Clearwater beach and the beautiful white sand
~painting our faces (terrible/hysterical) and joining in on the Day of the Dead parade
~great restaurants
~going to dive bars
~running into Leigh-Ann and here adorable family
~going to buy flip flops and coming home with a hermit crab in a plastic bag.  they were out of boxes.  so strange.
~playing SingStar late at night
~making breakfast together
~Jeep rides in perfect weather (oh, how I miss that Jeep)

It was a really amazing weekend.  Only downfall being Bob oversleeping and missing his football picks on Sunday and losing his wallet.  Yikes.  No bueno.  

crappy iphone photo

on a side note

It made me laugh while I was doing that 4 hour drive over there about a childhood friend I had.  You know when you are little and a friend moves away it's pretty much the end of your friendship.  You can't drive yourself and your parents are probably not going to drive far so you can hangout.  When I was in middle school one of my best friends in the neighborhood moved to Clearwater.  Say ciao to that relationship.  She might as well have moved to Africa when it came to location.  There wasn't email yet and you had to pay for long distance calls.  I think I saw my pen pal that lived in Sweden more then I ever saw her again.  But it really is a boring drive across the state, so I can kind of understand why my parents settled on giving me a 10 minute call a week to her.  It's like she was in jail.  A 10 minute call and no visitation.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hitting the open road

Tomorrow night I am going to pack up my bike and a weekend bag and hit the open road.  It's been 3 weeks since Bob left and I'm excited to see him.  I love the independence and freedom of road trips alone.  We are going to the Day of the Dead festival in Dunedin on Saturday, bike riding and exploring his new town, kayaking and whatever else goodness can be fit in.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see you next week.  xoxo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

great friends = great fun

This weekend has been packed with good times.  Friday night was Tanner's first t-ball game, which was hysterical and then the food truck festival downtown Delray.  I didn't take any pictures there so close your eyes and imagine this.  Eating a super yummy veggie dog on blankets with live music, a group of great girlfriends and a lot of laughing.  AND a super yummy peanut butter and jelly popsicle.  Only 3 ingredients.  Peanut butter, organic jelly and rice milk.  I am going to make my own version with soy nut butter, organic jelly and almond milk.  I'll keep you posted on how they are.  

Saturday Raena came over bright and early and we met up with Gannine and went to The Rapids.  I had scored 3 free passes from Jack and it was the last weekend it was open for the season.  I love water parks.  I know a lot of people don't.  The whole "it's a disgusting pee-filled-bandaid floating-cesspool of germs" thing.  Whatever.  I think water parks are a blast.  It runs in the family.  My parents love them too.

this slide was amazing.

it was REALLY hard to take a video when you NEED to hold on to the raft so you don't fall out and die.  You get the idea though.  Lots of laughing.

Then after The Rapids we showered and Raena's friend Jason came to meet up with us to go to Oktoberfest.  We stopped at Tacos al Carbon (mmmmmmmmmm) for dinner because I don't think there are vegetarians in Germany.  After a yummy dinner we stopped to get free tickets from Aaron & Kathy.  Score!  Seriously, a whole day of free tickets.  I have some seriously great friends.  Then we were off to a super crowded Oktoberfest.  

Can you feel the excitement?

double fisting?  just tricking.  these are not both hers.

Lorabelle & Weana

my Arielle

Corey & Leebee

Tricky Nicky

German babes

spellcheck much?

I did NOT ride this.

Afterwards we met up with some more friends at Igots.

Today after having breakfast at Dune Deck on the beach I rested.  I have been fighting a head cold and needed a day to rest.  My nose is running when I'm up, stuffy when I lay down and my ears are clogged.  Lame.

Next weekend I am going to see Bob in Clearwater.  There is a Day of the Dead festival in downtown Dunedin.  I can't wait!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Hampshire

The Fall weather has been refreshing.  We were a little early for the leaves, but the cool weather more then made up for it.  I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow night.  I can't wait to ride my bike, get my pumpkins, see my family, hangout with my friends, drink good coffee, play records while cooking, go to the gym with Erin and laugh the whole time, Oktoberfest next weekend, food trucks in Delray on Friday,  the Rapids with Raena on Saturday, going to the beach, and getting crafty....Can you tell I love home?  I really, really do.  I feel ready to move forward.  I will still miss my sidekick and I'm sure I will have moments where I still burst into tears, but I will be okay.  That's the only option.

Also, I bought (and finished) Ellen's new book yesterday.  It was so funny.  I love her.  Do yourself a favor and buy it.  You will laugh a lot.

Here are a few snippets from the weekend.  Did I mention the weather was amazing?  I packed a different scarf for everyday.  <3

i'm on a boat.  if you're not singing t-pain right now then i'm not sure why we are friends.  seriously.  google it.

we went on a hayride and that jerk tried to eat my purse.  

flying kites.  sweet stuff.

I can't wait to see you all.  xoxo

Friday, October 7, 2011

On Flight Manicures

There are certain no-no's for flying.  Don't bring on stinky food, too much perfume/cologne, on the opposite spectrum please shower, and don't paint your nails on the plane.  If it wasn't a no-no I would be the first one to do it because I hate having naked nails.  So you understand my disgust when I didn't have time to paint mine, but could smell someone else doing theirs on the plane.  How rude.  Then a little bit later I'm thinking "dang, how many coats of polish are they putting on?"  Then I go in my purse and low and behold my effin' nail polish was open and spilling in my purse.  Who does that?  I used my barf bag to toss my Fall deep purple polish (RIP) and tried to sop it up with napkins and thankfully nothing in my bag was covered except for my hands.  You can dress me up, but you can't take me out.
keepin' it classy

We finally made it to the lake house.  It takes all day to get here, but the weather is brisk and I love it.  
we don't travel light.  *note my purse which should have stink lines coming out of it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

TGIF (thank god it's fall)

I think Fall is a lot of peoples favorite season.  Who doesn't love cooler weather, baking pumpkin everything, tights, scarves......eeeeeep!  So, I welcome Fall with open arms and a huge bear hug.  I am going for a long weekend with my crew to New Hampshire for some real Fall weather and I'm crossing my fingers I come home rejuvenated and feeling more like myself.  Damn heartbreak.  

My sister threw an Oktoberfest shindig at her house last weekend.  She made a German feast.  I made potato pancakes for the first (and last) time.  My house just now stopped smelling like grease.  Nasty.  She even had veggie brats for me.  That's love.

I couldn't be happier to have my Arielle back home.
You can't have Oktoberfest without the chicken dance!
And you can't have a party without LCR.
Pug love.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nacho Party!

Welcome to The Kelly & Erin Show!  Thanks for stopping by.  Our show today features my girl celebrating her birthday.  Erin spent her birthday maxin' and relaxin' in Sanibel, so after she returned I put together a little nacho fiesta.  
She is my favorite.
The Seester.
The Clearys.
Pow Pow!
Team Wolf Eyes.  Rawr!

This makes me think of school personality pictures.

This girl gives me constant laugh therapy and I'm lucky to call her my best friend.