Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This time of year always just flies by.  It's definitely the busiest time of year for me.  I am the project manager for Jingle Jolly Holiday Elves transformingkids.org (toot toot.  that's me tooting my own horn.)  We are almost wrapping it up (pun intended) for the year and I get so excited thinking about how happy these kids are going to be on Christmas morning.  Today we had a gingerbread party at The Milagro Center.  They got creative and came up with some pretty fun houses.

I have done very little shopping.  I really need to get on that.  I've been trying to take in the holidays any chance I get.  

I've attended a cookie party at the Cleary's casa.  Olive was the star baker.

And an ornament party at Danielle's house.  Craft party?  Hell yes!

And the boys and I had a slumber party at my parents house over the weekend and had our own gingerbread party/competition.  

I love Lake Worth and our sad little tree.

Also, a certain 10 year old told his not-so-ready-to-hear-the-news 7 year old brother that Santa wasn't real.  His whole world fell apart as he then discovered that the Easter bunny, tooth fairy and (in his own words) leprechauns also were not real.  His mom explained the spirit of giving and he took it upon himself to modify his list to "Santa"

I really need to get to shopping, but I would much rather bake, craft and plan a holiday party.  
Focus Kelly, focus!

Also, this boy is starting school in January.  I'm really going to miss our days together.


  1. "dear spirit of giving" . . this is priceless.

    and wait, planning a holiday party?! YOU BETTER INVITE MEEEEEEEE!!!

  2. Who buys a Christmas photo prop kit and then decides to have a party because they have said kit? Me. I bought it yesterday and was like "now I need to plan a party." I will call you when I actually decide if this is feasible. xoxo

  3. Dear Spirit of Giving,

    Can I come home now?

    Love, Halfway around the world

    Colba is my hero! I love his modified "Spirit of Giving" letter!

  4. Dear Halfway around the world,

    Tylo and I decided you would totally fit in the "if it fits, it ships" box at the post office. We could have you back in 5-8 business days.

    Miss you, Kelly